About Me

Sheer passion for cooking does not develop overnight. Until a few early years, I grew up seeing my mom cook. I never used to cook at all back then. Was so busy with my life studying, working and then after marriage shifted to Singapore when my cooking skills were put to a test.

Slowly but suddenly my passion into cooking increased and started working with all the basic skills I had learned from my mom. She is definitely a source of inspiration. To my surprise, I learnt ‘I can Cook’. Although it was challenging at start, I kept trying and experimenting with something new.

Acquiring culinary talent is a gradual process. It’s a skill that is attained by studying, practicing and observing but it is an admirable craft. I won’t say I have fully acquired all the skills required, I am still learning. Life is a continuous learning process after all.

I started sharing my food pictures to my near and dear ones and most of them insisted that I share my recipes with them. So I thought to myself “Brilliant” why don’t I share all the wonderful tried and tested recipes and tips with the world.

Putting in a lot of love in this blog, I am sharing these wonderful recipes. Hope you enjoy them and try them out. Kindly drop in any suggestions or feedback, would love to hear from you. Happy Cooking !!